Central Election Committee discusses preparation to forthcoming elections of the President of Turkmenistan in next February

Information of the Chairmen of velayat and Ashgabat election committees on current work was given during the session of the Central Committee for elections and referendums in Turkmenistan, which besides its members and working groups includes representatives of political parties, non-governmental organizations and mass media. It was highlighted that currently, the work for establishment of polling stations, composition of site election committees is carried out. Training seminars for organization and conduct of election campaign are conducted all over the country for members of etrap and city election committees.

At present moment, provision of polling stations with necessary technical and material equipment, including special transparent ballot boxes, reference and work books, office equipment, communication devices and other, is carried out. As for today, 2578 polling stations have been already established, including 39 election centres at diplomatic missions of Turkmenistan for our compatriots, who by some reasons are out of the country.

The participants of the session agreed that their main target is to make all possible for the forthcoming elections to be on high organizational level in strict compliance with existing election legislation of the country and international law standards.

It was emphasized during the session that elections of the deputies of the Mejlis in some districts to replace left parliamentarians were held under the principles of alternativeness, publicity and transparency. High activity of the electorate was observed � more than 90 percent of the listed electors took part in the campaign.

Newly elected deputies of the national Parliament were issued with certificates. From that moment, they are competent representatives of the people in highest legislative body of the country.

During the session, Central Election Committee took number of relative decisions taking into account received information and following further tasks of the elections.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper