Chairman of National Hanmudo Federation Orif Bukharakov is a black belt winner

Baton Rouge (Louisiana, USA) hosted international hanmudo (Korean martial art) seminar with particioation of the leading masters of this style from different countries including Turkmenistan. Chairman of National Hanmudo Martial Art Federation Orif Bukharakov, who passed qualification test during training session and received black belt (III dan), represented our country.

Around 100 followers of Korean martial art from Spain, Holland, Mexico and Latin America came to Baton Rouge.

The first day of examination test included demonstration of hand-to-hand combat technique � the attack and defence. Practical complex included 333 actions. During the performance of the complex, the jury, including 12 masters of VI dan and above, take into account only exclusive technical features and effectiveness. Almost all actions of our compatriot received highest points.

On the second and third day of the test, our sportsmen demonstrated the skills of mastering different weapons (sword, staff and other) and complex of breathing exercises as well as answered the questions of the jury on the philosophy of hanmudo and human's anatomy and had the course of actions necessary for passing the test for IV dan. Thus, next year our coach will have to demonstrate 400 various attack and defence techniques.

Turkmen coach is a holder of the certificate of the World's Hanmudo Association confirming his title of Master Instructor what allows its owner to train this martial art in any state of the world.

Currently, Turkmen fighters undertake final training sessions for Asian Hand-to-hand Combat Championship, which is to be held in Gulistan (Tajikistan) on May 12 � 14. On May 18 � 21, Our capital will host Turkmenistan Hapkido Tournament (another Korean martial art). National competition will bring together the masters of this martial art from all velayats of the country.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper