Chairperson of Turkmenistan’s Migration Office demands “residents be treated in a tactful manner”

After numerous reports about travel restrictions imposed on Turkmenistan nationals, as well as incidents which resulted in fatalities, the authorities are paying attention to this problem.

Correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan revealed that on 3 July the Chairperson of Turkmenistan's State Migration office Mergen Gurdovheld a meeting with higher-ranking officials of the agency and demanded that his subordinates treat all passengers exiting or entering Turkmenistan in a tactful manner.

After that almost none of the Turkmen residents of all ages departing overseas have been barred from boarding the planes despite the fact that previously a few passengers, sometimes up to 15-20 people, had been denied exit and prevented from boarding the flights to Istanbul without explaining the reasons.

We have failed to find out so far how long the relaxing of the border crossing regime will last.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan