Changeable weather expected in Turkmenistan

In the first half of the week, the weather will be close to the climatic norm. Scattered showers and gusty winds are possible in some regions. However, the average air temperature in Turkmenistan will be +37°C.


Partly cloudy in Ashgabat. The start of the week is going to be pretty chilly. During the day +27…+29°C. At night up to +15…+17°C. During the week the temperature will rise. So, +33…+35°C is expected at the weekend.


Light rains will be shed in Akhal velayat. Day air temperature +25…+30°C. At night +13…+18°C. At the end of the week during the day up to +38°C.


It is windy and rainy in Balkan velayat. During the day +33…+38°C. At night +28…+33°C.


Residents of the Mary velayat will experience sunny weather. During the day +24…+29°C. At night +16…+21°C. From the middle of the week, the thermometers will creep up again. Weekends up to +38°C during the day.


In Lebap velayat +24…+29°C during the day. At night +17…+22°C. On weekends +32…37°C. Possible wind.


It is cool and windy in Dashoguz velayat. During the day +21…+26°C. At night +10…+15°C. By the end of the week, daily readings will rise to +35°C. At the same time, the night air temperature will be +14…+19 degrees.





Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper