Chief physician of National Hospital detained in Bishkek

A criminal case has been initiated against the chief physician of the National Hospital. Press center of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS) reported.

Security services revealed corruption schemes — regular extortions, kickbacks during tenders, public procurement at inflated prices from affiliated suppliers, fictitious write-offs of medicines.

«More than 20 facts of extortion of money from the medical staff of the National Hospital have been registered. The chief physician, not being a practicing doctor, created unbearable conditions for the heads of departments and doctors, forcing them to systematically take money from patients and transfer it to him. One-time extortions were practiced,» the state committee said.

According to the SCNS, an audit of financial and economic activities showed existence of facts of purchase of certain medical devices at inflated prices and write-offs of expensive medicines.

«For example, in October 2022, following the results of a tender for the supply of immunomodulatory medicines, the winning company supplied medicines at an inflated cost, as a result of which the budget was damaged in the amount of 36,205,791 soms. In May 2022, the National Hospital had to purchase medicines for 25,510,700 soms. The chief physician, without monitoring the market and agreeing on prices with the Department of Medicines, purchased them by the method of purchasing from a single source, illegally entering into a contract with affiliated companies without publishing a purchase announcement. The budget suffered damage in the amount of 11,723 million soms,» SCNS said.

The press center noted that the market retail value of a package of non-sterile medical gloves does not exceed 500 soms, while the National Hospital purchased them at 1,200 soms per package for 5,356 million soms. The audit established the damage to the state on an especially large scale — over 40 million soms.

The chief physician of the National Hospital is Toktobai Maanaev.

Source: News Agency