China imported natural gas from Turkmenistan in 2022 for 10.2 billion US dollars

In January-December 2022 exported natural gas from Turkmenistan to China worth $10 billion 250 million US dollars, which is 51% higher than the same period last year. This was reported by the TASS news agency with reference to the Main Customs Department of the People's Republic of China.

Thus, Turkmenistan continues to be the leader among pipeline gas exporters to China.

In second place is Russia (1.65 billion US dollars), which is 2.9 times higher than the same indicator last year. Among other leading natural gas suppliers are Myanmar ($1.43 billion), Kazakhstan (US$1.08 billion) and Uzbekistan ($1.07 billion).

Currently, Turkmenistan exports natural gas to China through three branches of the Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline. In February 2022, an agreement was reached on the construction of the fourth line of the gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to China. Its commissioning will allow Turkmenistan to increase the volume of annual natural gas supplies to the Celestial Empire.

Source: Nebit-Gaz