China Mentions THAAD over Possible Military Exchange Suspension

China's Defense Ministry has reiterated its opposition to the deployment of a U.S. THAAD battery in South Korea, hinting the issue was what caused disruptions to high-level defense talks between Seoul and Beijing.

Asked to elaborate on the defense exchange between Seoul and Beijing, the ministry said in a Q&A format posted on its Web site Monday evening that its position regarding THAAD is clear and will not change.

The ministry said China puts stress on the bilateral military relations between China and South Korea and hopes the two countries will seek related exchanges and cooperation on the defense front based on mutual respect of each other's interests.

It has been made known that South Korean Defense Minister Han Min-koo's visit to China, which was initially expected to take place this year, as well as vice ministerial strategic defense talks between the two countries held annually since 2011, have almost been canceled due to China's passive attitude.

Source: KBS World Radio