Coast Guard Fires Machine Gun at Violent Chinese Fishing Boats

The South Korean Coast Guard used machine guns in cracking down on some 30 Chinese fishing boats illegally operating in South Korean waters off the western coast on Saturday.

Patrol boats of the Incheon Coast Guard found about 30 Chinese fishing boats operating in Korean waters 68 kilometers southwest of Socheong Island in the Yellow Sea at 11:16 a.m. Saturday.

The fishing boats ignored warnings issued by the coast guard and strongly resisted the crackdown.

According to its operation manual, the coast guard fired 95 bullets with M60 machine guns in response.

No damage for the South Korean boats has been reported, but the Coast Guard has yet to confirm the damage of the Chinese boats as they fled.

The Korea Coast Guard toughened up its response against illegal Chinese fishing boats since one of its vessels was sunk last month while conducting crackdown operations.

On November first, the South Korean maritime police fired around 670 bullets from a machine gun for the first time against Chinese fishing boats that threatened Coast Guard vessels.

Source: KBS World Radio