Cocaine suppliers to Azerbaijan arrested

A group of people who imported drugs - ecstasy and cocaine from South America in transit through Europe - into the country has been arrested in Azerbaijan. During the operation by the employees of the Main Directorate for Combating Drug Trafficking, Khalid Iskenderov, Khayam Asadov and Elman Yusifov were detained, from whom about 1 kg of cocaine and 3,284 ecstasy tablets were seized, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The drugs were transported from South America in transit through Europe. Yusifov, a truck driver, was engaged in international cargo transportation and delivered drugs to Azerbaijan. Asadov's task was to transport drugs from the border zones to Iskenderov. The latter was engaged in the sale of cocaine and ecstasy in Baku and the withdrawal of proceeds from the country. During another operation in the Yardymli region, the police detained 5 more people with 50 kg of drugs: 33 kg of heroin, 12 kg of marijuana, 5 kg of methamphetamine and 210 psychotropic pills. The detainees showed that they are drug couriers and work with Iranians with the conditional names "Kazim", "Faridin", "Babek". Criminal cases have been initiated on both facts under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. The detainees have been arrested.

Source: Turan News Agency