Colour turmoil with Turkmenistan’s motor transport

Correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report that in Ashgabat vehicles of all colours except white are being towed awayto car impounds.

Road inspection officers stop vehicles and demand that the drivers remove their cars to car impounds to get them repainted in other colours. A driving license may be revoked for failure to disobey the requirement. The road police cannot provide any official decrees on the introduction of the ban. Drivers can bribe his way out of trouble by paying 100 manats but the bribe is valid until the next police squadron stops car owners.

Police officers get around the city in groups. If a car driver is outraged or disagrees to tow the vehicle to the car impound, one of the police officers takes the back seat and stays there until the driver calms down. If this does not happen, the police will summon the squadron and the driver will be taken to the nearest police department to document a violation, � car owners say.

Regions did not receive any verbal instructions on the ban of colour vehicles. To show zealousness to higher-ranking authorities, regional road police officers tried to ban the use of these vehicles but later lifted this requirement.

Now residents of provinces are buying cars of dark colours in Ashgabat at low prices. Since the fees for vehicle painting services have increased several time, it is cheaper to sell a car to the province.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan