Commissioning of the new gas chemical giant in Garabogaz

At the construction site in the city of Garabogaz (Balkan velayat) plant for the production of carbamide has entered a phased start-up and adjustment work.

Specialists of the Japanese contractor company Mitsubishi Corporation have installed the bulk of the equipment necessary to start the production of ammonia and carbamide.

At each stage of production of mineral fertilizers, the most modern technologies are used, which can ensure ecological purity and high efficiency of gas treatment and the absence of emissions into the atmosphere. Thus, the technology of the Danish company Haldor Topse AS and the American company UOP will be used in the production of ammonia, the technology of the Italian company Saipem will be used in the carbamide synthesis section. When granulating the concentrated carbamide solution - the technology of the Netherlands company "Unde Fertilazer" will be used.

The new carbamide plant will produce mineral fertilizers from raw materials supplied via the East-West gas transmission system. The daily capacity of the enterprise is 3500 tons, and the annual capacity is 1 million 155 thousand tons of carbamide.

The commissioning of the Garabogaz plant for the production of mineral fertilizers will allow to increase the capacity of the chemical industry of Turkmenistan many times, which in turn will lead to an increase in the export capabilities of the industry. The annual volume of nitrogen fertilizers produced in the country will exceed two million tons. About a third of this product will be supplied to the domestic market, and the rest will go for export

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH