Complex of fire prevention measures is developed due to coming hot season

Fire risk season starts on May 1 in Turkmenistan, which will last until October 1. Working sessions were held in different departments on the threshold of the hot season, during which fire prevention plan was defined. The meetings were held with participation of representatives of fire department and ecologists, personnel of Natural Protection Society who made joint inspection of the afforested Kopetdag foothills. The condition of forest plantation and presence of fire equipment were assessed as well as emergency duties were made during the inspection.

The complex of preventative measures includes making of ploughed lines, removing of the grass. Patrolling of the territories of Ashgabat outskirts and adjoin territory including recreation zones are planned this year. Number of fire stations provided with emergency response equipment by law enforcement agencies and Fire Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Committee of the country for Nature Protection and Land Resources would be located all around. Duty personnel will be equipped with proper gear, mobile communication and optics.

Specialists of nature Protection Society plan to hold explanatory talks with rural population, youth and students as well as with the citizens who goes to the country for camping on prohibition of making fires.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper