Consortium of European and Chinese companies intends to build TransCaspian gas pipeline

A consortium consisting of European companies Edison Technologies GmbH, MMEC Mannesmann GmbH, Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions together with the Chinese SINOPEC Engineering Group intends to build the TRANSCaspian gas pipeline. The readiness to implement this project was announced at a meeting of representatives of the consortium with Vice Chairman of the Cabinet Of Ministers of Turkmenistan Myratgeldi Meredov and Advisor to the President of Turkmenistan on oil and gas issues Yagshigeldy Kakaev.

In particular, the consortium is ready to build a 300 km long pipeline along the Caspian seabed, drill the required number of gas wells on a turnkey basis, design and build gas treatment plants and compression stations to provide the TRANSCaspian pipeline with purified commercial gas, and build the necessary infrastructure.

By joining a consortium, we can implement such a bold project as a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan on the bottom of the Caspian sea, said General Director of Edison Technologies GmbH Kasapoglu Edison.

He also stressed that the European market is interested in this energy project.

It should be noted that the TRANSCaspian gas pipeline, the draft of which is being discussed by representatives of the EU, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, can be connected to the system of the southern gas corridor, designed for the supply of natural gas from the Caspian region to Europe.

Source: NebitGaz