Construction of first stage of Asian transport corridor comes to completion

The last rails of Atamyrat-Imamnazar (Turkmenistan) � Akin (Afghanistan) railway have been laid at Akin station in Afghanistan. It marked the completion of construction of the first stage of the Asian international railway.

According to the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan, construction of this railway was launched by the Presidents of Turkmenistan, the Republic of Tajikistan and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on June 5, 2013. The total length of this link of the transnational railway is 88 kilometers, of which 85 kilometers run through the territory of Turkmenistan. The remaining three kilometers of the railway stretch between border checkpoints Imamnazar and Akin.

The construction completion ceremony in Akin was attended by the heads of the railway departments of the two countries, as well as builders, representatives of the mass media and local authorities.

This railway should serve as an important link in international transportation, encourage trade relations between regional countries and give a strong impetus to rehabilitation of Afghanistan's economy.