“Creativeworld-2023” exhibition: the works of Central Asian masters

The international exhibition "Creativeworld-2023" was successfully held in Frankfurt (Germany) from February 4 to 7. It was attended by representatives of five Central Asian countries - Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The theme of the exhibition is the work created by artists or talented professionals as entertainment, and every work should be practical, whether it be decorating the interior of an office building or living room or becoming a modern clothing item. It is not necessary for the author to be an artist by education, but the main thing is to create something artistic.

Tazhigul Gurbanova, a member of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan, Jeren Gurbanova, a graduate of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan, and businessman Shasenem Garlyeva showed their handmade works at the exhibition.

After the participants of the exhibition returned to our country, there was a presentation of the "Creativeworld-2023" exhibition at the Institute of France in Ashgabat, which was attended by artists who actively participate in "Art Markets" and "Master Fairs" - owners of the products displayed in Frankfurt. An unforgettable trip to Frankfurt for Tajikul Maylievna, the opening of the Turkmen pavilion at the "Creativeworld-2023" exhibition, people from different countries with a passion for Turkmen national style textile jewelry, linen neck warmers, hemp silk yankitapki-diaries and many other things. gave an interesting account of what he had observed.

- Items on display were not for sale. Visitors to the exhibition especially liked Irina Dorofeeva's oriental talisman necklaces, Dmitriy Filipchenko's pan-jam paintings, Jeren Gurbanova's colored glass clock with a national image, he said.

Exhibitors preferred our national costumes. And this showed that our work was slow. Our national women's dresses and jewelry impressed foreign visitors. We talked about the talented people of our country and showed their work in various fields of creativity. At the same time, we were proud of Turkmenistan and its ancient and young national culture.

At the "Creativeworld-2023" exhibition, there was mutual interest in the expositions of other countries. For example, we liked the products created by Kazakh and Kyrgyz artisans from felt and silk. Kyrgyz artisans said that they will teach their Turkmen colleagues a new method of felting.

Nino Nadiradze, the representative of USAID in Turkmenistan, expressed his gratitude to our artisans for confidently sending their works to a foreign exhibition, which brought these Turkmen masters to the international level. Participants in the next exhibition will be selected in 10 rounds.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper