Cultural Week of Iran introduce rich palette of arts and traditions of friendly country to Turkmenistan citizens

Closing ceremony of the Cultural Week of Islamic Republic of Iran and joint concert of Turkmen and Iranian arts masters took place in the capital Watan Concert Hall.

The programme of the Week was composed of different events, which introduced original arts and modern trends of Iran development to Turkmenistan citizens.

Unique works of modern masters of decorative and applied art represented large exposition, opened in Exhibition Hall of the State Academy of Arts. The thematic, styling and art originality of the works was demonstrated by filigree craftworks form wood and tin, painted glass items, encrusted jewellery boxes, carpets, national dresses, tools for traditional handcraft of stone and tile, mosaic and art miniatures with the scenes and characters of famous works of the classics of oriental poetry, bright landscapes.

The pictures, brightly illustrated books, magazines, albums and posters familiarized the visitors with modern Iran, its ancient monuments, beautiful landscapes and tourist routes. Educational and scientific literature on history, culture and national applied arts of the IRI was widely represented. The dishes of national Iranian cuisine, which recipes are passed from generation to generation, could also be appreciated there.

Demonstrative master classes where Iranian craftwork masters shared the experience to the youth in jewellery, calligraphy and engraving, became the tradition of the exhibition. Meeting with the members of the delegation of friendly country, where prospects of cooperation in humanitarian sphere were discussed, took place during the Week in the Ministry of Culture.

The meeting of Iranian masters of decorative and applied art with Turkmen colleagues, organized in the Academy of Arts of our country, favoured the development of creative and professional contacts.

National traditions and music and song culture were represented by the ensembles form the ancient Iranian cities like Tebriz and Shiraz. The bands gave excellent performances in Mukam Palace of the State Cultural Centre and at the stage of Watan Cinema and Concert Hall. The concert in Turkmen State Puppets Theatre with participation of young singers, musicians and dancers of two countries pleased the visitors.

Demonstration of modern Iranian movies in Ashgabat Cinema centre was bright event during the art forum. As is known, original Iranian cinematography rises great interest in the world today. The films with deep content and appeal to everlasting spiritual values by the famous directors like Iranian Girl and the Guest comedies as well as Gulf on a Picture, awarded with prizes and certificates of prestigious cinema reviews, were demonstrated to the public.

It was highlighted during the closing ceremony of the Cultural Week of Iran in Turkmenistan that current event is another sign of friendship and fruitful humanitarian cooperation of two countries, which promotes mutual enrichment of the cultures and filling of Turkmen � Iranian relations with new content.

The concert, where Turkmen bakshys, popular singers and Archabyl drum band took part together with famous Iranian singers and musicians, was the final accord of the occasion.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper