Culture Ministry asks Digital Development Ministry to block TikTok in Kyrgyzstan

The Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy asks the Ministry of Digital Development to block TikTok on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. The press service of the ministry reported.

According to its data, an increase in appeals expressing concern from a number of non-governmental organizations about the harmful effects of TikTok, which negatively affects the mental development and health of children, has been registered.

It is noted that this social media app immerses the user in the virtual world of short videos, after watching them teenagers try to repeat certain videos, some of which are life-threatening. In addition, children’s psyche is still unstable, it is just forming, and such content, causing addiction, negatively affects the emotional state of the younger generation.

In this regard, the Ministry of Culture monitored the content and found that there are no restrictions on access to information harmful to the health and development of children on the part of the platform, as well as the function of controlling the age category when accessing information in the TikTok application.

«Taking into account numerous appeals and on the basis of the conducted monitoring, the Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy decided to terminate activities of TikTok service in the Kyrgyz Republic,» the statement says.

The decision was sent to the Ministry of Culture for further execution within the framework of the country’s legislation.

Source: News Agency