Dairy and meat production is increased in Ahal Velayat

Modern livestock complex built by Azapkes Private Company was put into operation in Tejen etrap, Ahal Velayat. The facility equipped with modern technologies is designated for annual production of 3,000 tons of milk and 100 tons of meat. All production meets ecological and quality standards.

600 hectares of land was allocated for the construction of this facility in Selenli administrative division where 9 hectares are for livestock farm and 591 hectares are for growing of forage crops. Clover, corn and barley have been planted on the vast territory.

Livestock farm is provided with modern equipment from the famous world manufacturers and is designed for breeding of pedigree animals. Selection methods of cattle breeding will be used in the farm. There are all conditions meeting relative rules and sanitary requirements for breeding of the livestock. It will give the impulse to the development of national livestock farming. It is also worth mentioning that dozens of working places were created in new livestock complex.

In addition to local breeds, the farm has 338 cattle of elite breeds from Germany and Ukraine, which have delivered 340 calves. Milking of cattle is made by advanced mechanized unit. This system is widely used in modern dairy farming due to its efficiency and reliability and advantages of the provision of milking stands and excellent throughput capacity. If the system detects any malfunction or change of the health condition of the cow, it turns off automatically.

It is worth mentioning that the premises for cattle are provided with all necessary equipment including the system of automatic cleaning of the stalls, special water feeders with clean and fresh water. There are also premises for breeding of young cattle. Proper conditions were made for work and rest of the personnel.

Efficiency of full production cycle starting from cultivation of forage crops, production and procurement of forage additives to processing of meat and milk allows increasing the quality of production and profit of the facility.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH