Dashoguz carpet makers make ornament compositions based on ancient patterns

Recreated ornament of 'Gumly gyol', which is also known as 'Togrul gyol' were embodied in the pattern of new carpet by the masters of Boldumsaz Branch of Dashoguz Art Carpet Plant.

Yellow and brown shades in combination highlighting original beauty of our sunny country and endless spaces of Karakum desert, which is covered with bright flower patterns in spring, with pistachio background dominate in colour palette of handmade carpet made in old style.

Sketches of ancient ornament were restored by employee of the branch Gulistan Gurbanbayeva. Under the mentorship of experienced master, she weaved the carpets with ancient pattern of 'Ak Mayanyn Yoly', which is one of the 'Yomut gyoly' ornaments.

Like in other regions of the country, handmade carpet making of Dashoguz velayat has an old history. Traditions of ancient art is enhanced by new technical methods and bold colour combinations. Big specialized facility, which team has already weaved 1,170 square meters of quality wool carpets that have a unique artistic features, works successfully in the region.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper