Dashoguz expands utility infrastructure

Built in stages on Shagadam Street in the northern region's administrative center, an emerging contemporary residential area with comfortable apartment buildings and modern amenities will boast an extensive utility infrastructure network. A heat supply system, which is being built by specialists of Yupek Yoly Gurlushyk Economic Association, will be more than one kilometer long and well protected. It will be buried in a special concrete flume that not only protects the underground system from soil pressure, but also offers durability and has high carrying capacity.

Specialists of Yupek Yoly Gurlushyk Economic Association are simultaneously building other vast utility networks. For instance, a water supply system will be about six kilometers long; power lines will be more than 4 kilometers in length. 600-plus meters of a sewage system have been already built. The new neighborhood will boast an autonomous boiling house.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper