Dashoguz is getting ready to greet the President

On Saturday, 6 May, all employees of public sector organizations in the city of Dashoguz and neighbouring villages were sent to clean the sections of the motor road Dashoguz-airport. This is a clear sign that the President of the country will pay a visit to the region in the short-term perspective.

According to our sources, the festivities devoted to the commissioning of the tyre repair facility are scheduled to be held in the etrap named after Gurbansoltan-edje (formerly, Ilyaly). Turkmenistan's leader is expected to attend the opening ceremony.

Moreover, the remodeling of the Dashoguz airport, which have been carried out by the Ukrainian company Altcom since May 2013, is scheduled to be completed soon. Despite the fact that the works have not been fully completed, the opening ceremony will be timed to coincide with the visit of the Turkmen President to the northern province.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan