Dashoguz plant for the production of cladding materials expands production

Mini-factory for the production of facing slabs, operating in Dashoguz set up production of a wide range of road and paving slabs, as well as other products. An individual enterprise, headed by businessman Azat Sabirov, produces next-generation cladding materials with a surface structure and strength of marble. Artificial marble from concrete specialists of the enterprise are manufactured using the patented technology of the Russian research and production enterprise SISTROM.

Dashoguz masters offer customers seven types of road and sidewalk tiles in various shapes, sizes and color palettes. In addition, the mini-factory can order tiles for facing facades and interiors, fireplaces, monuments, flooring, window sills, steps, as well as balusters, vases, other decorative elements and small architectural forms. The enterprise mastered production of curbs, sewer hatches, tiles and other products. This is all from cement, sand, glue and water, purified from salts, without heat treatment and additional polishing of the surface, without the use of polymer additives.

The products are in demand on the building materials market and are cost-effective, as the raw materials that are available for its production are affordable and inexpensive, and the manufacturing process does not require large electricity costs. People from Dashoguz plan to expand the range of beautiful, practical and price oriented cladding materials.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper