Dashoguz rice farmers are provided with quality seed grains

Seeds of high-quality pearl-grain varieties "Nukus-2", "Munbashi" and "Alenga" were prepared for specialized farms of the Dashoguz region by the rice purification enterprise located in the etrap named after S.Turkmenbashi. The modern complex put into operation several years ago supplies domestic consumers with up to 30 thousand tons of high-quality products. In the structure of the enterprise, the department for the preparation of seed grain operates automatically. Selection, purification and processing of rice are made on specialized equipment of the well-known brand "Sataki". It is packed and sent to the warehouse after completing a range of laboratory tests for the quality of seed rice. The maintained optimal temperature and humidity regime allows maintaining high quality of seed material.

This year the rice wedge of the Dashoguz region is eight thousand one hundred hectares. The main producers of this culture are specialized farms of the etrap named after S.Turkmenbashi, where high-yielding and disease-resistant varieties of pearl grains adapted to local soil and climatic conditions are cultivated. The system of integrated state support of agricultural producers, the availability of a fleet of modern equipment allows farmers in the northern region to achieve high results every year in the production of valuable food crops.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper