Dashoguz rice farmers exceeded the annual task

Farmers of Dashoguz region successfully coped with the annual task of harvesting rice. From the eight thousand one hundred hectares allocated for cultivation, more than 35 thousand 106 tons have been harvested of high-quality rice varieties Nukus-2, Munbashi and Alenga, which is more than planned. The main part of the crop was grown in specialized farms of the S. Turkmenbashi etrap, where a great experience has been accumulated in the cultivation of harvest and disease-resistant varieties of pearl grain adapted to local soil and climatic conditions.

Efficient harvesting was facilitated by specialized machinery, including high-performance combines. Now, a large rice-cleaning enterprise with a capacity of up to 30 thousand tons of products per year has begun the processing of a new crop.

Rice growing is one of the leading sectors of the agricultural sector of Dashoguz region. Due to the modernization of existing and construction of new high-tech enterprises in the region, has been created a full cycle of production of this food crop - from sowing to harvesting and storage.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper