Dashoguz Velayat: Digitization and water provision in rural areas

Works for development of telecommunication infrastructure are continued in the norther region. Work for bringing of local communication system to fundamentally new level is provided by implementation of integrated programme of digital transformation. Laying of necessary communication is carried out gradually.

In the last year, specialists of Dasoguztelekom Communication Company have build dozens kilometers of fibre optic networks and more than 413 kilometres of distribution cable. It allowed significantly increasing level of land telephone provision in rural area. At the same time, number of internet users and spectrum of communication services are growing.

Specialists carry put preparation of necessary communication for new digital stations of the lat generation since the first days of new year.

Construction of the first part of the main water course has been accomplished in Kunyaurgench etrap, Dashoguz Velayat. Its length is 12.5 kilometres. New facility, which was built by specialists of Aï¿œupek yoly Business Entity, is connected with drinking water production facility in Kunyaurgench. Construction of the second line of the main watercourse, which total length would exceed 80 kilometres, has been started.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper