Dashoguzsyyahat offers tours to the places related with the names of famous baghshi

The thematic route developed by the specialists of the Dashoguzsyyahat State travel agency is related with the art of baghshi. The guests to the region are invited to visit the only Baghshi museum in the country, the mausoleum of the musicians' protector, the great scientist and preacher Ashyk Aydin Pir in Ruhubelent Etrap, or the memorial house of the People's Baghshi of Turkmenistan Magtymguly Garlyev in Gurbansoltan-eje Etrap.

Each of these tourist routes cultural, united by the cultural themes, is interesting and attracts with the opportunity to get acquainted with the biography of famous musicians and unique exhibits of their life and creativity.

The name of Ashyk Aydin Pir (1145-1235) is mentioned in many stories and legends of the East, therefore his mausoleum is one of the most visited places on the tourist map of the region. Along with the lovers of antiquity and travelers, people of culture and arts, including poets, singers, musicians make pilgrimage to the mausoleum of Ashyk Aydin Pir. For numerous tourists the complex is interesting because there are sculptural monuments, dedicated to Pir himself and the Turkmen Dutar near the mausoleum.

The Dashoguz Museum of Baghshi showcases about ten exhibitions, such as Zenan-baghshi, folklore Sazandalar, Baghshilar, Gidjakchylar among others. They cover more than a hundred-year period of development of the vocal and musical arts in the region, telling about such outstanding representatives as Magtymguly Garlyev, Nazar-baga, Ore Shykh, their followers - Ilaman Annaev, Tuyli Otuzov, Balla Myatgeldiev, or modern artists popular in the region.

A special section is dedicated to the well-known female Baghshi in the Dashoguz Velayat, in particular those who won wide recognition in the past - Akchagul Myradova and Sulgun Meretgeldiyeva as well as contemporary performers. The thematic sections tell about the tuiduk and gijak players well known in the region and far beyond. The museum collection includes 2,000 exhibits of various materials, dedicated to vocal and musical arts and 800 exhibits, including national musical instruments such as dutar, gijak, gopuz, tuiduk and others.

The memorial house of the People's Baghshi of Turkmenistan Magtymguly Garlyev is rich in historical and cultural rarities. It was built in Magtymguly Garlyev Gengeshlik in Gurbansoltan-eje Etrap on occasion of the 100th anniversary of the baghshi. Among the numerous exhibits of the museum are bibliographic, archival documents, books and newspaper publications, valuable photographs, gramophone, gramophone records, clothing. Among the most valuable museum exhibits are the personal dutar of Magtymguly Garlyev and the jacket of his faithful companion and accompanist Sapar Bekiyev.

The state programmes are successfully implemented in Turkmenistan with aim to support and improve the tourism sector, develop its material and technical base. The attraction of tourists is also promoted by the expansion of the hotel infrastructure of the regions. Thus, all necessary conditions for the comfortable rest were created in the modern hotel Dashoguz that was built 350 years ago. There are a number of single, double and family rooms, deluxe rooms and apartments, a conference hall designed for 150 people, an indoor pool, a cafe and a restaurant, shops, medical and fitness blocks and other facilities in the seven-storey building of the hotel. The conveniently zoned territory adjacent to the hotel is decorated with the elements of phyto-design and fountains. There are walking areas, sports grounds and car parks there. The office of the Dashoguzsyyahat State travel agency is located in the hotel.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper