Days of Culture of the State of Palestine in Turkmenistan ended with a joint concert of masters of arts

The program of the concert included performances by the Palestinian song and music collective “Nava”, the State choir of Turkmenistan, the group of drummers “Archabil”, popular Turkmen musicians and singers. It included folk and modern songs and melodies, folklore compositions.

A gift for the audience was the joint number of the musicians of the two countries who performed the composition, which combined popular Turkmen and Palestinian melodies.

Days of culture of a friendly country introduced Ashgabat residents and guests of the capital to the original palette of Palestinian art. The performances of “Nava” song and music group, the demonstration of a documentary film about Palestinian musicians, the exhibition of arts and crafts, meetings in the Ministry of Culture, as well as with representatives of the creative intelligentsia of our country, significantly expanded Turkmen-Palestinian cultural contacts.

For the Palestinian guests, the first visit to Turkmenistan was the discovery of our country, its historical and cultural heritage and modern achievements, to which their acquaintance with the unique exhibits of the capital’s museums facilitated.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper