Dedication to the Constitution and National Flag: Ashgabat hosts celebration forum

The Centre of Public Organizations hosted the conference timed to the Constitution and Turkmenistan National Flag Day, which is observed o May 18. Members of the Government, deputies of National Parliament, party and public activists, political scientists, heads of diplomatic missions and representatives of international organizations accredited in our country as well as different ministries and departments, national and foreign mass media, students took part in the forum organized by the Mejlis and Foreign Ministry. Speaker of the Mejlis Gulshat Mammedova, Chairman of the Democratic Party Ata Serdarov, Chairman of National Trade Union Centre, Central Council of the Women Union Gurbangul Atayeva, Special Representatives of the UN Secretary General for Central Asia, Head of the UN Regional Centre of Preventive Diplomacy Natalya Herman, the UN Permanent Coordnator in Turkmenistan Elena Panova, Ombudsman Yazdursun Gurbannazarova, Director of the Institute of State Law and Democracy of Turkmenistan Yagmyr Nuriyev, Ambassador of Afghanistan Najibulla Alahil have made speeches at the conferences. it was mentioned that adopted 28 years ago, the Constitution of the country has not only set out achievements of independence but also defined the main vectors of progressive development of Turkmen society. The role of the Main Law in development of education system, formation of the state ideology, political diversity as well as the main aspects of social and economic strategy, scientific, technical and ecological policy steadily implemented by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov have been highlighted in details in the speeches. It was emphasized that integrated reforms and large-scale changes, which involved all spheres of life, serve directly to opening and maximum use of existing geopolitical, economic, resources and human potential of Turkmenistan. Measures, which are to provide modernization, diversification and digitization of national economy, industrialization of regions on innovative basis, comprehensive support of entrepreneurship are successfully taken. At the same time, together with development of high technology branches making production competitive on the world market, formation of developed transport, information and communication infrastructure, significant investments are used in science and education. Health protection, culture and sport, which directly serve to spiritual and physical improvement of the nation, are also very important aspects of the state policy, which has brightly expressed social orientation. The Constitution of Turkmenistan comprehensively specified the main principle of the policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in concise but fully expressed slogan “The State is for Human Being!”. This important constitutional norm has become the foundation for reformation of the chapter of the Constitution on rights, freedoms and responsibilities of individual and citizen in Turkmenistan, which was significantly supplemented with new articles taking into account the standards of international conventions in human rights sphere, in which our country is a member. In particular, the post of Ombudsman – authorized representative for human rights in Turkmenistan, has been instituted for provision of guarantees of the state protection of rights and freedoms of individual and citizens, their respect and compliance by the state power authorities, local administrations and officials. Relative law, which defines rights, responsibilities, main directions and guarantees of activity of the Ombudsman as well as his authorities has also been adopted. during the conference, special attention has been paid to realization of foreign strategy of our country. it was highlighted that making the foundation of foreign policy of the President of Turkmenistan, principles of peaceful co-existence, positive good neighbourliness and beneficial cooperation laid out in the Constitution allowed improving prestige of Turkmenistan as independent neutral state and provided its recognition in the world community. Special focus in the main law of the country has been made on clear reflection of the sovereignty of the state, status of permanent neutrality, which was recognized and supported by the Resolutions of the UN General Assembly. Big historical and political importance of international initiatives of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which main idea is “Cooperation for peace and development” was highlighted. The fact that 2021 was announced by the UN as International Year of Peace and Trust by proposal of the Head of Turkmenistan indicates the requirement and currency of these initiatives. Political, economic and humanitarian aspects of Turkmen neutrality have also been analysed. It was also spoken of active cooperation of our country with the main structures of the UN, energy, transport and water diplomacy of Turkmenistan. It was highlighted by the participants of the session that the State Flag of Turkmenistan is known in the world. It flies with pride on a pole next to the UN Headquarter embodying the main principles of policy of peace loving, good neighbourliness and multi-format international cooperation of sovereign neutral Turkmenistan. The Conference has highlighted the importance of this celebration date – the Constitution and State Flag Day, achievements of the country for the years of sovereign development, fundamental principles of the state – independence and permanent neutrality, peace and solidarity, democracy and supremacy of law.