Delegates of the I Judge Conference of Turkmenistan adopt the Code of judicial ethics

Ashgabat hosted the I Judge Conference of Turkmenistan with the participation of representative of the Supreme and Arbitrage, capital and regional courts of all levels. The agenda of the forum included the subjects of improvement of the activity of the structure in the context of key objectives of the state policy.

The participants noted that improvement of work of judicial authorities of the country according to the time requirements is the main vector of legal reforms in Turkmenistan.

These days, Turkmenistan confidently follows the way of progress, guarantees social protection of the citizens providing proper support and making favourable conditions for deserving life of compatriots. This activity s oriented to abiding of law and order, elimination of root causes and conditions supporting the crimes.

Importance of measures in the context of implementation of the State Programme of development of judicial system of Turkmenistan in 2017 � 2021 has been highlighted in the reports. According to the objectives outlined in this document, principles of the court process are improved, practical measures for provision of transparency of justice, impartial and independent adjudication are taken.

At the same time, great importance is paid to improvement of professional level and legal culture of personnel of the structure. In this context, Draft Code of judicial ethics developed according to the provisions of the Law on Addendums of the Law of Turkmenistan on Court has been presented for review to the participants of the Conference. The Draft document has been approved and unanimously adopted by the delegates.

The regulation outlining the order of convocation, organization of regular and extraordinary conferences of judges as well as decisions under their authority has been adopted at the Forum.

The participants of the I Judge Conference of Turkmenistan assured that they would serve with honour to the country and people, to protect the victory of independence and would put all skills and practice for successful solution of set objectives.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper