Democracy and Law Journal spotlights country’s socio-political events

The latest issue of 'Democracy and Law', published by the Institute of State, Law and Democracy, opens with an article entitled 'Permanent Neutrality: The Triumph of Peace and Positive Cooperation'. The article highlights the role and importance of Turkmenistan's foreign-policy strategy in tackling global challenges of today, strengthening peace and security, and looks at the positive cooperation with the UN across a wide spectrum of issues, including in environmental diplomacy and the SDG implementation.

The issue also features an article 'A path of innovative development of Turkmenistan's healthcare sector and international cooperation', which presents several examples of successful collaboration between Turkmen doctors and foreign specialists that effectively contributes to the national healthcare system's innovative development.

A publication 'Transformation for Sustainable Development', devoted to the national economy's modernization, explores program activities aimed to bolster the sector in the context of bringing the country on a par with advanced nations in terms of economic digitization and advancement of the scientific-educational sphere, and considers them as a beneficial consequence.

The role of independent Turkmenistan's foreign-policy strategy is also emphasized in an article on the key trends and priorities of intangible cultural heritage protection in the country. The article indicates that preserving the nation's treasures is an important prerequisite for harmonious and sustainable development of Turkmen society. Placing great importance on this, Turkmenistan is actively cooperating with UNESCO, the United Nations' specialized agency for education, science and culture.

An article entitled 'The Role of the Media in Modern Turkmen Society' discusses the media sector not only as a source of information but also as an integral part of the developmental process of cutting-edge information technologies. In this context, the article emphasizes the importance of successful cooperation between the national media and international broadcasting companies.

The issue also features presentations by participants of a round-table meeting on the 2018-2022 National Action Plan on Children's Rights in light of the SDGs. The journal contains a speech by Deputy Head of the UNICEF Representative Office in our country Siraj Mahmudlu, who highlighted the effectiveness of measures taken by Turkmenistan to uphold the rights of children, in particular as part of the within-said Action Plan, which, according to him, will be an additional contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the country and general well-being.

Published in the Turkmen, English and Russian languages, the latest edition of the journal concludes with an article 'Recent Events', which covers the events that took place in Ashgabat with the participation of representatives of the reputable organizations.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper