Deputies of National Parliament adopt new laws and elected the Ombudsman

19th session of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan of the fifth convocation, where number of laws and regulatory acts developed in accordance with new edition of the Constitution of the country and integrated programme for modernization of legal framework of the state, was held. Representatives of relative ministries and departments as well as mass media were invited to participate in the session.

According to the agenda, Draft law of Turkmenistan on Information about Personal Life and its Protection was presented for review by the parliamentarians. It was mentioned during the discussion that this Law regulates social relation in the sphere of Information about personal life of people as well as defines the target, principles and legal basis of the activity related to gathering, processing and protection of this information.

At this, it was highlighted that the Constitution of Turkmenistan guarantees every individual the right of personal immunity, personal and family secret and protection from arbitrary interruption as well as protection form violation of secrecy of correspondence, telephone conversations and other communications. Gathering, storage, use and spreading of personal information without permission of the individual are not allowed. The bodies of government power and local administration, their personnel are obliged to provide every person an opportunity to study the documents and materials directly concerned his rights and freedoms unless otherwise specified by law.

There was an interesting exchange of opinions during the discussion on the Draft Law of Turkmenistan on Libraries and Library Activity. While speaking, the deputies highlighted that careful protection, comprehensive study and multiplication of national spiritual and cultural values are the foundation stone of the state policy, which is aimed at improvement of spiritual and intellectual potential of the society.

New Law defining legal, organizational, economic and social basis of library activity in Turkmenistan and guarantees the right of every citizen for free access to information, knowledge, enjoying to values of national and world culture, science and education kept in the library, is to promote further improvement of the activity of library network.

Considering the draft Law of Turkmenistan on Grain Cultivation, the parliamentarians focused the attention on large reforms undertaken in agriculture and aimed at formation of competitive agro industrial complex, consolidation of food security and export potential of the country.

New Law regulates legal basis of the activity in production, processing, storage, realization, transport and use of grain crops in Turkmenistan.

Discussion of the draft Resolution of the Mejlis on Election of the Ombudsman was an important subject of the agenda. As is known, its activity is regulated by relative Law of Turkmenistan meeting international obligations of our country in humanitarian sphere taking into account the practice and experience of the most developed democratic states of the world and setting up strong guarantees of provision of the Government protection by the Ombudsman to the rights and freedoms of the individual and the citizen, commitment and respect of them by government officials. As stipulated by the Law, three candidates were nominated for elections, among which the deputies chose one by secret ballot. Yazdursun Gurbannazarova was elected as the Ombudsman.

Besides, the plan of law-making activity of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan in 2017 was discussed as well. Draft regulatory acts brought for revision during regular session of the Mejlis of the fifth convocation were unanimously approved and adopted.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper