Despite the abolition of the visa-free regime with Turkey, the rating of the passport of Turkmenistan has improved

Turkmenistan is located on the 90th place out of 109 in the rating of passports. With a green passport, you can visit 53 countries without having to apply for a visa.

This rating is compiled annually by the consulting company Henley & Partners, which estimates the number of countries that a passport holder can enter without a visa or with one on arrival. The study is based on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

It should be noted that in 2022, Turkey abolished the visa-free regime for Turkmen citizens, but at the same time, the position of the passport of Turkmenistan in the ranking improved, and Turkey is still listed as a country that can be visited without a visa.

Last year, Turkmenistan ranked 94th, in 2021 - 96th, in 2020 - 87th, in 2019 - 90th. The Turkmen passport was at the highest 74th place in 2008 and 2009. It should be noted that even if the number of countries requiring or vice versa introducing a visa-free regime for Turkmen citizens does not change, the place in the rating is affected, among other things, by the deterioration or improvement in the positions of other countries.

As for the neighbors in the region, Kazakhstan is in 70th place (with this passport you can visit 76 countries), Kyrgyzstan - 81st place (64 countries), Tajikistan - 84th place (60 countries) and Uzbekistan - 85th place (59 countries). Thus, the passport of a citizen of Turkmenistan is the "weakest" in Central Asia.

Japan, Singapore and South Korea are in the top three, while Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan close the ranking.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan