Detained homeless, prostitutes and drug addicts to be kept in drug rehabilitation clinics until the closing of the Asian Games

The Ashgabat police have launched a new round of campaign to detain individuals with no fixed abode (the homeless) and those suffering from substance abuse.

They are checking basements and attics of residential apartment blocks, where the homeless usually hide. Police officers are also trying to identify females who are engaged in prostitution.

The detainees are sent to Dashohuz drug abuse clinic where they are usually kept for a month or two but in the meantime, according to sources of Chronicles of Turkmenistan, they will be kept there until the Asian Games-2017 come to a close, i.e. until the end of September.

Radio Azatlyk reports that sometimes even poorly-clad residents get detained. Those who fail to present residence registration in Ashgabat, are imposed a fine and deported to their home province.

Chronicles of Turkmenistan have previously reported about the inhuman conditions that antisocial elements are kept in the police stations, drug abuse clinics and occupational therapy rehabilitation centers.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan