Digitalization in Ashgabat: bus travel can now be paid with a bank card

The meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on May 13 was devoted to the introduction of digital management systems in Turkmenistan. After the reports of all vice-premiers, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov was dissatisfied with the government's work on digitalization, saying that work in the country is not being carried out at the proper level. Mammetkhan Chakiev, who oversees the implementation of digital systems , received a reprimand.

Then, at a meeting on May 16, the head of state instructed to digitize the khyakimliks of the regions.

The very next day, on May 17, “Turkmenistan: Golden Age” wrote about the work on “digitalization of urban transport and improving the quality of travel for passengers.”

As part of these events, travel in the city public transport of Ashgabat can now be paid with bank cards "Altyn asyr" and "Masgala", the news item says.

The publication recalls that earlier the Turkmenavtoulaglary Agency and the Ashgabat Motor Transport Enterprise developed the Duralga mobile application, which provides information on urban transport.

The authorities have been engaged in the digitalization of Turkmenistan since 2019. However, this work mainly consists in creating websites of departments (which was confirmed by this meeting of the Cabinet). For example, on February 25, Security Council Secretary Charymyrat Amanov told then-President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov about the digital services provided by the State Migration Service. It turned out that the department launched a website where you can queue up in an electronic queue to receive a biometric passport. The Office of the Ombudsman mentioned the launch of the site four times in its report for 2021 .

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan