Digitalization in the agricultural sector. The fields will be marked with a laser

Turkmenistan will now use laser devices for planning agricultural land, Turkmenistan said on September 22, the Golden Age.

According to the publication, if earlier ordinary scrappers, bulldozers and land surveyors were used for these purposes, now they are laser devices made in Turkey. One of which was demonstrated during the Caspian Economic Forum .

A total of 40 laser planners ordered ILGI Omega. 16 are already working in the Akhal province.

Note that the equipment that the publication calls the laser planner is a leveling device or soil planner, attachment equipment , which, thanks to the large area of the working area of the leveling device , greatly simplifies the work of loosening heavy soils, removing clods of soil or sifting the soil. It is used in the fields where rice, beets, soybeans and other crops that require a very flat surface are grown.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan