Digitalization of the education sector is a requirement of the time

In Turkmenistan, the issue of training an educated young generation is given great attention. Conditions are being created for the successful development of a spiritually rich and highly moral personality.


The state is interested in using the potential of young people to the maximum in the interests of developing the economy and the social sphere. Obviously, it is education as a form of intellectual capital and as one of the areas of innovation generation that creates the basic conditions for market growth based on technology upgrades.


Our country is implementing a number of fundamental reforms aimed at introducing innovative teaching methods, developing information and communication technologies and training highly qualified personnel. Perhaps one of the important directions of the consistent modernization of the national education system is the development of new legislative acts in this direction.


In this regard, at the present stage, the adoption last year of a new edition of the Law «On Education», in some provisions of which an important place is given to the development of computer technologies and digitalization of the education system at all levels, played a big role. The main goal of this direction is to provide high-quality electronic information at all levels of education, enrich the content and improve the quality of educational services, and improve teaching methods.


In addition, it should be noted that the further introduction of a wide range of Internet services also stimulates the population to receive additional education and improve their skills.


Practical experience and analysis of the legal framework of the education system show that the knowledge gained in the process of teaching the basics of digitalization has a positive effect on the quality of our daily activities.


Computer skills, familiarity with the legal framework and methodological materials through the same network technologies are an important and necessary condition for the further development of digital technologies.


All this in the future allows us to intensify the introduction of digital methods in the education system, attract innovative funds to the economy and other areas for the comprehensive development of society.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper