Digitization. Turkmenistan began to demand data on relatives on flash drives

In Turkmenistan, government employees began to demand that they provide information about their relatives in three generations (the arch maglumats) in an electronic video on a flash drive, reports Azatlyk Radio .

Data on relatives from state employees was required before, but before digitalization began, they could be filled in by hand, but now they need to be submitted in electronic form on a USB-drive. Why it is impossible to send a file to a corporate mail is not reported.

In the form you must specify the names, dates and place of birth of relatives, their workplace, addresses and criminal record.

Many people have problems with the addresses of long-dead relatives.

- They demanded to clarify on which street in Gazandzhik the great-grandmother lived in 1800. This led my friend to the greatest amazement. His wife advised him to write in the yurt number 25, the radio correspondent says ironically.

Information about relatives in three generations must be provided by all employees of state institutions, children upon entering kindergartens and schools. Thus, government agencies are trying to protect themselves from unreliable workers, and special services keep relatives of people with convictions under control.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan