Dismissed Yimpas staff in great demand in the shopping centre Berkarar

Last December the most popular Ashgabat shopping centre Yimpas was closed for reasons which are still unknown. About 1500 staff members (both the shopping centre and the office) were left without jobs.

At the same time, we managed to find out that the owners of restaurants and cafes in the hypermarket Berkarar started dismissing their staff to hire former employees of Yimpas because of they are more qualified and experienced. The same situation is being observed in some cafes and restaurants in the city.

However, after working at the new place for several days former employees of Yimpas complain. Below is what one of the waiters says:

It is extremely difficult to work here compared to a restaurant in Yimpas. By the end of the work day it is impossible to stand on your feet. We have already informed the higher-ranking bosses that we are resigning.

The reason is that the service system designed by chefs from Turkey was very well-planned. There was no rush despite the fact that we had the same workload. The new job lacks this system and discipline.

Cafe owners are now adopting this experience and are trying to duplicate principles of kitchen organization and service in cafes and restaurants.

The number of visitors to Berkara has obviously increased, which is not surprising. After getting rid of competition, Berkarar has become the only major shopping centre in Ashgabat.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan