Doctor Khursanay Ismatullayeva sentenced to nine years in prison

The court session on the criminal case of Dr. Khursanai Ismatullaeva was held on September 7 in the Bezmeinsky District Court of Ashgabat under the chairmanship of Judge Amanmukhammed Ishangulyev .

Editorial T urkmen news received a copy of the verdict. According to him, the doctor, who had been trying to challenge her illegal dismissal for a long time, received nine years in prison.

The defendant was found guilty under the following articles of the Criminal Code:

228 (part 4) - Fraud committed with causing damage on an especially large scale - 8 years;

218 (parts 2 and 3) - Production, sale of forged documents, stamps, seals, forms or use of a forged document (repeated and using a knowingly forged document) - 2 years (part 2) and 10 months (part 3);

114 (part 2) - Cruel treatment of a person in a dependent or helpless state (if it entailed the death of a person by negligence or other grave consequences) - 2 years.

The final sentence for cumulative crimes is 9 years in a general regime colony. Khursanai Ismatullayeva also has to pay 270,000 manats to Bika Mammedova , who appears in the case as the buyer of the disputed apartment. Part of the cost of the defendant's car is sent to repay the damage, the remaining money goes to the state. Also, all computer equipment from Ismatullayeva's apartment and her phones are confiscated.

Read the details of the case here .

In late November, representatives of Turkmen and international human rights organizations published an open collective appeal to the Ombudsman, the Prosecutor General, the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Turkmenistan, urging them to provide Khursanai Ismatullayeva with an appeal that meets international human rights standards and to reconsider her case.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan