Document signed in Britain to protect interests of labor migrants from Kyrgyzstan

A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Center for Employment of Citizens Abroad of Kyrgyzstan and the British Gangmasters and Labor Abuse Authority"(GLAA). It is clarified that this memorandum of cooperation is aimed at countering illegal employment and protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic working in the temporary agricultural sector in the UK, providing them with information and legal assistance. 'Since last year, according to an interstate agreement, Kyrgyzstanis have been leaving for seasonal agricultural work in the UK. This agreement is designed to strengthen their protection,' said Deputy Labor Minister of Kyrgyzstan Nurdoolot Bazarbaev. GLAA is the UK government agency for the fight against exploitation and labor protection. The service is the authorized body of the UK government to accredit operators of the seasonal work program in the agricultural sector and issue a GLAA license, which is mandatory for foreign nationals to work in the UK and prevent illegal employment.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency