Down to -27°C. Turkmenistan covered with abnormal frosts

Abnormal frosts have come to Turkmenistan. According to Meteozhurnal, the air temperature in the southernmost and usually warmest part of Turkmenistan on the night of January 13 dropped to -27 degrees. In the entire history of meteorological observations, it was colder here only once in 1905, when the thermometer dropped to -33.8 degrees.

In Turkmenabat, -25.4 degrees were recorded, which is an absolute record.

In Ashgabat on the night of January 13, the temperature dropped to 16.4 degrees below zero, which is a record low temperature for this date.

The rest of the country's weather stations recorded the following temperatures:

• Uch-Aji -26.3°C;

• Mari -21°C;

• Bairamali -20.6°C;

• Back -20.2°C;

• Serachs -20.2°C;

• Mother -19.4°C;

• Burdalyk -19.1°C;

• Tejen -18°C;

• Dashoguz -17.2°C.

According to Turkmen news, because of the cold weather, city buses stopped running in Dashoguz, but at the same time, children in Turkmenabat went to school. Despite the frost, local authorities did not extend the school holidays.

Radio Azatlyk reports that residents of a number of villages in the Mary velayat were left without water, heating and gas. There is no water in Ashgabat either.

Earlier, correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” reported that in order to save gas, gas supply workers in the Bayramalinsky etrap of the Mary velayat went around the houses of local residents and warned that from January 7 and at least until January 17 they were not allowed to use gas to heat greenhouses, premises for livestock and poultry, as well as for baking cakes in tandoors.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan