Dozens of basement stores closed down in Ashgabat

The middle of last week dozens of privately-owned shop and various consumer services shops curtailed their operations in central Ashgabat residential districts Mir.

The reasons behind their closure are unknown. According to the news outlet, some entrepreneurs believe that this may serve as a warning that the rental fees will be increased soon. In this case, however, it is unclear why the owners of the sealed shops had not been informed in advance. In the local khyakimlik's office one of the entrepreneurs was forced to pay the rental fees for the premises until the end of the year so that his office is not closed.

According to another version, the closing of retail outlets and consumer services shops is related to the forthcoming celebrations of the Day of Independence, which will be held on 27 September.

Let us recall that in June 2019 stores, consumer services shops and offices located in the building and houses along central streets of Ashgabat were closed down en masse if the merchandise sold or services offered were different from the signs on the roofs or if the premises were not in line with the urban development plan of the capital.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan