DP to Pursue Park’s Impeachment

The main opposition Democratic Party(DP) has decided to seek President Park Geun-hye's impeachment to hold her accountable for the Choi Soon-sil influence-peddling scandal.

The DP decided unanimously at a general meeting of its lawmakers on Monday to pursue Park's impeachment and to set up a working-level organization for the task. The lawmakers decided to discuss details, including a date for the impeachment, through further talks.

At the meeting, DP Chairwoman Choo Mi-ae said that a significant amount of national strength is expected to be exhausted in the impeachment process, citing that the effort could take up to six months. She said the parliament's impeachment of the president depends on the conscience of the ruling Saenuri Party's non-Park faction members.

She warned that if Saenuri lawmakers do not take responsibility for their actions, the people will voice their calls for the president's ousting as well.

Talking to reporters after the general meeting, Choo said that the nation's three opposition parties agreed that the impeachment is the only way to resolve the current crisis faced by the nation. She said that there is talk that it is impossible for Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn to carry out state affairs amid current circumstances. Choo said talks on who to recommend for Hwang's post will be discussed when reviewing the proper time to seek Park's impeachment.

DP Floor Leader Woo Sang-ho also called for the participation of Saenuri lawmakers in the impeachment, saying that whether they support Park or not, they should join the efforts to resolve national confusion if they care about the nation.

Source: KBS World Radio