Draft documents discussed at the session of Interdepartmental Commission for provision of human rights

The Institute of the State, Law and Democracy hosted regular session of Interdepartmental Commission for provision of fulfilment of Turkmenistan international obligations in human rights and international humanitarian law with participation of the Mejlis representatives, personnel of ministries, departments and public organizations of the country.

The agenda included outcomes of activity of this structure for nine months of the year. Improvement of legal system, development of draft national programmes and action plans and practical implementation of international obligations of the country in the sphere of human rights and freedoms are among the main vectors of work of the Commission.

In this context, significant activation of cooperation with relative competent organizations has been noted. This is indicated by regular visits of representatives of specialized humanitarian bodies and institutes of the United Nations to our country, joining of Turkmenistan to number of important conventions and their protocols.

At the same time, great attention is paid to development of proposals on modernization of national legislative base in this field, bringing of it to correspondence with universal standards of legal practice in the world jurisprudence.

Noting the importance of cooperation with the Un, the participants of the session stated with delight that this partnership is successfully developed including in such important sphere as human dimension.

Discussing Draft National Action Plan of Combating human trafficking in Turkmenistan in 2020 2022, it was noted that big positive experience of cooperation with the International Migration Organization has been accumulated for the last years.

Speaking of importance of this document, the members of the Commission highlighted that National Action Plan is to serve as an efficient tool for coordination of relative activity in this sphere. Practical implementation of planned activities will be an actual contribution to joint efforts for achievement of set goals.

Draft national Strategy for early child development of our country in 2020 2025, which main objectives includes provision of wealth of younger generation, education based on national and universal spiritual values, was one of the topics of the session.

Having joined the World Declaration on Provision of Survival, Protection and Development of Children and the UN Convention for Child's Rights, Turkmenistan actively improves an international cooperation in this sphere.

In this context, fruitful character of bilateral partnership with the UN Children Fund (UNICEF) has been highlighted. Joint projects as well as election of Turkmenistan as a member of the UNICEF Executive Committee in 2018 2020 have been brought out as an example.

Draft National Report on Fulfilment of International Convention for Elimination of All Forms of Race Discrimination has been also discussed at the session. The participants stated with delight that Turkmen side complete all undertaken obligations including in making of necessary reporting that give understanding of progress of our state achieved in this sphere.

Number of other subjects has been reviewed at the session of Interdepartmental Commission.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper