Due to a constant price hike Ashgabat vendors do not replace price tags

Sharp depreciation of the national currency in Turkmenistan, which is directly related to prices for imported products, has caused a considerable price hike for basic food products and merchandise.

In this connection, vendors are no longer replacing price tags on merchandise, which is obvious from the photo featuring a shampoo the price for which first increased from 20 to 22 manats in the course of two weeks and is now sold at 24 manats.

Prices for basic groceries are also soaring. For instance, the price for a 1 liter bottle of vegetable oil has increased from 15-16 to 19-22 manats over the past two weeks.

In mid May the UAE-made vegetable oil appeared in state-run stores at the price of 12,3 manats for a 750ml bottle. Fearing another price hike, Ashgabat residents buy several bottles for future use.

Let us recall that on 21 May the dollar exchange rate in Turkmenistan reached a new maximum

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan