Due to debts, the post office of Turkmenistan has suspended the shipment of express parcels to Russia

Since March 27, urgent postings to Russia have been temporarily stopped in the post offices of Ashgabat, reports Azatlyk Radio.

The head office of Turkmenpocht confirmed this information. The post office employee said that for at least a month they would not be able to receive parcels for shipment to the Russian Federation.

According to the Russian Post, only the express delivery of EMS has been suspended from Turkmenistan due to the debt of the Turkmen side.

Pochta Rossii repeatedly tried to resolve the issue of receiving express shipments from Turkmenistan in connection with the debt of the Turkmen side in inter-operator payments within the EMS Cooperative. However, the debts were not paid and the mail was suspended until the debt was paid, the organization said.

According to the representative of the press service of the Post of Russia, Ekaterina Krudova , sending mail (small packages, letters and parcels) within the framework of the Universal Postal Union is carried out as usual.

Clients of post offices in Turkmenistan do not explain the reasons for the refusal to accept parcels to Russia, and in some cases do not reimburse the costs of postal services. Radio informs about the woman who returned the package sent to Russia, but refused to refund 800 manat for postal services.

The last few years, despite their high prices, services have been actively used by people traveling from Turkmenistan to Russia and thus sending their belongings. Also, people send parcels to children to students. Now the cost of sending a parcel weighing 20 kilograms is 800 manat.

It should be noted that the state mass media of Turkmenistan report that the national mail expands the range of services provided to the population. For example, in mid-March, an electronic money transfer system was launched and the possibility of buying train tickets.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan