Due to the depreciation of the Turkish lira, the Turkmen migrants have no money left to send their homeland

At the end of November, the Turkish lira exchange rate collapsed. The US dollar, which cost 8.5 lira in September, rose in price to 9.5 lira in early November, and to 13.5 lira at the end of the month.

As reported by Radio Azatlyk , this led to a reduction in remittances from Turkey to Turkmenistan.

Turkmen migrants working in Turkey warned relatives in their homeland that they would not be able to send them money, since they themselves do not have enough to live on.

According to a resident of Mary, her family lived on $ 200- $ 300, which her husband sent her from Turkey. Finding a job is difficult and you have to pay a bribe when you get a job. “Now,” the woman says, “I don’t know how we can survive.”

Meanwhile , the dollar exchange rate on the black market in Ashgabat , which remained stable (23 manats per dollar) in late October - early November, is gradually growing and, as of November 28, is 24 manats for purchases and 24.5 manats for sales.

Due to the impossibility of sending money by bank transfers or through specialized companies such as Western Union, citizens of Turkmenistan use the services of so-called cargo firms. Through them, you can send a parcel or money to your homeland.

As it was reported yesterday, almost 120 thousand citizens of Turkmenistan with permanent residence are registered in Turkey. In terms of the number of permanent residents in Turkey, Turkmen citizens are in second place after Iraqis.

Turkey is one of the main destinations for Turkmen labor migrants due to the fact that they do not need a visa to enter this country. Also, the similarity of languages and the ethnic affinity of the two peoples play an important role.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan