Due to the high level of groundwater, Berdimuhamedov ordered to strengthen the soil under Ashgabat City

On January 19, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov came with an inspection to the site of the future construction of the Ashgabat City business complex in the southern part of the capital in the Choganly Dacha area.

The authorities of Ashgabat began to prepare for the visit of the President in advance. On January 16, the road leading to Ashgabat City was blocked, and workers were cleaning the road and curbs, as well as updating the markings.

The head of state laid the foundation for the construction of a new residential area back in May 2021, however, on the footage from the TV report, you can see that no work has been carried out since that time.

As the state news agency TDH writes , upon arriving at the place, Berdimuhamedov immediately “focused on the condition of the soil at the construction site of the Ashgabat City complex,” and the Hyakim of the capital, Rakhym Gandimov, spoke about measures to reduce the level of groundwater in the city and build new drainage and sewerage systems.

Earlier, Radio Azatlyk reported on the high level of groundwater in the area where it is planned to build a new business complex. This can cause ground subsidence during the construction of high-rise buildings. At the end of December 2021, the newspaper "Neutral Turkmenistan" published an announcement of a tender for carrying out complex engineering and geological survey work on the allotted site for the residential complex "Ashgabat City".

Former Deputy Prime Minister for Construction Shamuhammet Durdylyev , who currently heads the Directorate of Construction Enterprises of Ashgabat City, showed the President the development plans and sketches of the appearance of buildings, and also spoke about the smart city systems that are planned to be implemented in the complex.

Minister of Construction and Architecture Guvanch Orunov showed drawings of the buildings of the Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering, made by students of the university. However, the president was dissatisfied with them, made a number of amendments and "constructive comments", instructing Orunov to redo the project.

In addition, the President approved plans for the construction of residential buildings in the Parahat-7 district, as well as designs for stops, lamps and road signs that are planned to be built along Gurbansoltan Eje Avenue.

Having examined all the projects, Berdimuhamedov also held a meeting on the construction of Ashgabat City. According to the president, a special website has been created for residents of the country who want to express their opinion about this project (no link is provided).

The head of state also again touched upon the topic of unstable ground. More than 200 high-rise buildings (between 12 and 35 floors) will be built in the new district, so thorough engineering and exploration work and strengthening of the soil is necessary, the president said.

The head of state was dissatisfied with the head of the construction of Ashgabat City Durdylyev, demanding to speed up the work.

The day before, Berdymukhammedov inspected the construction of another city, the new capital of Akhal velayat, west of Ashgabat.

Earlier, sources of "Chronicles of Turkmenistan" reported that the government is considering the possibility of relocating the new center from the Choganly Dacha district due to high groundwater, which will lead to severe subsidence of the soil under high-rise buildings.

Ashgabat City is a grandiose project of the President, which will be a business center in the north of the capital. Its layout was presented to Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in June 2019. The complex will cover an area of 744 hectares, on which more than 200 buildings will be built, 180 of which will be residential buildings from 12 to 35 floors. The area, where there will be four secondary schools and the same number of kindergartens, is designed to accommodate more than 107 thousand people. It was reported that "Ashgabat City" "is designed to turn the northern part of the capital into a new economic center with employment and business opportunities for residents and investors, provide an environment for the development of entrepreneurship and innovation, and, given the projected increase in the population of Ashgabat, become the basis for expanding the territory of the city ".

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan