During a course of treatment in a health resort Soltan Achilova was under constant surveillance of the special services

Everyone, who was in contact with a Radio Azatlyk correspondent Soltan Achilova, undergoing a course of treatment in a health resort in Archman, has been interrogated by the special services, correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report.

On 13 March Achilova arrived in a balneotherapeutic health resort located in the south-west of Turkmenistan. The next morning every person Soltan talked to was summoned to one of the health resort offices to find out what they had been discussing. The NSM staff demanded that all contact with the female journalists be cut off and threatened her interlocutors with serious consequences.

It should be highlighted that many of those Achilova interacted with did not suspect that she is a correspondent of the enemy radio station.

The special services representatives spying over the journalist did not dare to enter the room she was staying in and sent medical doctors on call Solomonov and Bazarov there.

According to Achilova, without any reasons healthcare practitioners paid regular visits to her room or the rooms of those Achilova visited. The doctors inspected her room and left without asking any questions.

This lasted for eight days Achilova had stayed in Archman.

Let us recall that in 2017 alone Soltan Achilova was assaulted five times.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan