During abnormal frosts, Turkmenistan suspended gas supplies to Uzbekistan, Iran and reduced to China

On January 14, the news site Gazeta uz reported that Turkmenistan had suspended gas supplies to Uzbekistan through the Daryalyk station since January 12. According to the publication, this happened for technical reasons due to anomalous frosts that have been established in the region.

Low temperatures led to the formation of hydrate in the infield communications of the Galkanysh gas condensate field, the newspaper writes.

For the same reasons, gas exports to China via the Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline have significantly decreased.

On Saturday, January 14, Sardor Umurzakov , the head of the presidential administration, allegedly arrived in Ashgabat for negotiations .

At the time of publication of this message, there is no information about the resumption of exports of Turkmen gas to Uzbekistan.

As writes , due to a shortage of gas, thermal power plants in Uzbekistan cannot generate enough electricity, and therefore rolling blackouts will be introduced in the country, as well as gas supply to consumers will be reduced.

In December 2022, due to cold weather and interruptions in the provision of electricity to the population, Uzbekistan increased its purchases in Turkmenistan from 17-18 million kWh to 20-21 million kWh daily.

According to the Reporter website , Turkmenistan has also suspended gas supplies to Iran, "provoking an energy crisis."

Like the countries of Central Asia, Iran was also covered by abnormal frosts, which led to increased gas consumption and its shortage in a number of northern regions.

In the case of Iran, however, the suspension of supplies is not due to technical reasons, but because Turkmenistan is meeting increased domestic demand. Iranian Oil Minister Javad Ouji this , accusing the Turkmen side of violating the contract and creating a crisis situation.

According to the Meteozhurnal, on January 13 record frosts were recorded in Turkmenistan. The air temperature in the regions dropped from -17 to -27 degrees. A slight warming is expected this week , but the temperature will still be below the climatic norm.

Earlier correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” told that, in preparation for the frosts, gas supply workers in Bayramalinsky etrap, Mary velayat, went around the houses of local residents and warned that from January 7 and at least until January 17, they were not allowed to use gas for heating greenhouses, premises for livestock and poultry, as well as for baking cakes in tandoors.

On January 13, Turkmen President Serdar Berdimuhamedov issued severe reprimands with a final warning to Deputy Prime Minister Shahym Abdrakhamanov, who oversees the oil and gas industry, and Batyr Amanov , head of Turkmengas . The reasons for the head of state's dissatisfaction were not named.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan